2019 Frontenac Gris Late Harvest

2019 Frontenac Gris Late Harvest

Harvest and processed late in the growing season when grapes have begun to achieve peak ripeness allowing sugar content to become more concentrated. Grapes harvested mid-morning and pressed at 20 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Wine Specs

Vintage: 2019

Varietal: Frontenac Gris

Grape Source: Lake View Vineyards Belleville, NY

Harvest Date: November 2019

Sugar: 32 degrees brix at harvest

Total Acidity: 12.0 g/L

pH: 3.2

Aging: Stainless steel

Fermentation: Cold temp. with R-HST yeast

Bottling Date: January 19, 2021

Residual Sugar: 17.1%

Alcohol%: 11.12